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Price includes class and range fees. Handbooks not included (you can buy on our wesite or on the day of class).  You will need your pistol, 50 rounds per person, eye and ear protection. If you do not have a pistol, we have loaner guns and just ask that you pay the ammo cost. 


You will need to pick the class location in the drop down menu. In the required text box you will need to put the desired training date. For the available date go the the Training Calendar.




Plainview Class Information:

Class Held at 4213 W13th St (Holiday Inn Express Denali Room)

Range Held at Tulia Rifle Range

Full License To Carry Class

Excluding Sales Tax
  • When checking out make sure to pick "Free For Classes" shipping method. Do this for classes,  range training, loaner gun, or guide books on shipping or it will charge you for shipping.

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