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If you are wanting individualized training on pistols, we offer 2 hour blocks of training in Plainview (Thursday 1pm to 3pm or 3 pm to 5 pm). Please go to the Training Calendar for the training date that might meet your needs. When Checking out you will be required to give the training location, date, and time you are wanting.


Lubbock training is conducted at:

41 Lead Farm,  FM 41 &, County Rd 2140, Lubbock


Plainview training is conducted at:

Tulia File Range,  Google takes you right to the range when you put in the name.


Training is $25 per hour with a 2 hour minimum charge.

We train in:

Firearm Function

Disassembly and Assembly  



Grip and Stance

Sight Picture

Trigger Pull

Arch of Motion/Recoil

Drawing From Holster and or Concealment

And Much More

We can work on your weaknesses safely to develop new skill or correct issues.

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